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Management Consulting : Management Resource Services

Bruce Thurston
Phone: 403 330-6676
Management Resource Services provides a unique perspective to clients in the public and private sector based on the founder’s toolkit.

Established as a consultant in 2003, R. Bruce Thurston has taken his skills as a CEO and President in industry to the next level and offers a unique service to clients.

1. Management Advisory Services
Having a solid financial background as an FCMA, and a recognized industry leader in strategy and business planning he is able to provide real life success to clients who do not possess the financial background in the profit and not for profit sectors. The difference is “Bruce Thurston has done it, other advisors have not!” Al Antcil President Cuppers Corp.

2. Facilitation & Systems
Thinking with a keen passion in the early 90’s to pursue an understanding of quality and customers he became an avid follower of Edward Deming’s and Peter Senge’s approaches to understanding the value of systems thinking and has worked on many projects in both private and public sector that eliminate the non-value added activities and bring about change through the synergies of team development. Professionally this opportunity was afforded through learning in community with many other private and public sector organizations which eventually allowed him to obtain his certification as a quality facilitator.

3. People Development
Recognized internationally in 2000 by his corporate peers for his passion and success in the development of Open Book Management, a leading edge management perspective on organizational strategy, Mr. Thurston has been labeled the “compassionate capitalist” because of his strong belief that people make change happen. As quoted by leading practitioners: “You are, by far, the greatest teacher of others we have known in an executive position. Most executives tell or sell, not teach, and those that teach tend not to teach well. You are the great exception. We admire your unwavering dedication to achieving success in business by engaging the minds and hearts of those around you.” David Lough MBA Wharton – Ascend Consulting 2003 “He is truly a man of the people, who always puts people first, and not only stands behind the people, but delivers the results that makes a difference in everyone's lives.” Jack Stack Chairman SRC Holdings Inc. 2003 Author of: -The Great Game of Business (1992) -Creating a Stake in the Outcome (2002)

4. Resource & Research Services
Having sold his interests in the largest privately held Lethbridge based company in 2003, and after having been recognized as #1 on the Dean’s list for the Alberta Executive MBA, a joint program between the University of Calgary and University of Alberta in 2002, Mr. Thurston is now working with organizations to enhance their abilities.

Recent research has been in the areas of employee skill development and international business studies. Professional Mission Statement To contribute to the wealth of the community, by continuously learning and sharing with others. Management Resource Services R. Bruce Thurston B.A., FCMA, MBA President/CEO ,