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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Jamie Puchinger: Farming Smarter


Jamie Puchinger, Assistant Manager and Growing Stewardship Coordinator for Farming Smarter.

Speaker Bio and Topic Info:

Jamie takes on a number of responsibilities, including event management, sponsorship and stewardship initiatives. Jamie holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Science from the University of Lethbridge and a Certificate in Renewable Resource Management from Lethbridge College. Not one to sit and wait for a job, Jamie went straight from university to independent consulting until the Partners in Habitat Development program snapped her up to work for them. Jamie also worked with Rob Graf on contract for Agriculture and Ag Food Canada before joining Farming Smarter in 2010.

Farming Smarter is a non-profit charitable organization that focuses on applied research to help Alberta crop producers make informed decisions that benefit everyone. 

This year Farming Smarter is holding its second annual Open Farm Days, which is a Canada wide initiative to help teach the general public about agriculture, where their food comes from and how it gets to their table. It is a free event with demonstrations, hay rides, scavenger hunts, and lots more. 

So Farmer Smarter is looking for local businesses to sponsor and support the event! They have several different opportunities for companies to help out, and of course your generosity is paid back with advertising opportunities.

Jamie is expecting upwards of 300 people attending the event this year so it is a very effective way to advertise and show the public you support a really great cause!

There are three main ways you can help:

1) Monetary donation

2) Volunteers to help the event run smoothly

3) Interactive display at the event

Event Presentation: FS_OFD-sponsorship.pdf