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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Adam St. Amant: Cycling Master Plan & Tyler Stewart: Bikebridge Bicycle Club


Adam St. Amant:
P.Eng.  & Cycling Master Plan Project Manager

    Speaker Bio:
    Adam started with the city in 2015 with a focus on transportation engineering and planning. His day-to-day work involves traffic analysis and review, alongside other projects including being the project manager for the Cycling Master Plan

      The Cycling Master Plan was adopted by City Council on July 17, 2017. This presentation will provide an overview of the Cycling Master Plan and provide insight into how the plan was developed.


      Tyler Stewart:
      Speaker Bio:

      Tyler is the current President for BikeBridge Cycling Association and a passionate advocate for safer cycling in Lethbridge. He's also focused on creating fun events to promote the community aspect of cycling culture, such as last year's inaugural Jane's Ride historical cycling tour, the Bike In Film Night in the Park and Noon-Hour Bike Concerts which were part of the Tour of Alberta programming.

      As one of the key stakeholders of the Cycling Master Plan, BikeBridge is focused on making cycling safer in Lethbridge and encouraging those "who would like to become cyclists" by ensuring they have the safe cycling infrastructure they need. BikeBridge has also promoted the local initiative, a citizen-science project to gather data on collisions, near-misses and hazards for cyclists, in order to suggest infrastructure improvements to make everyone safer. ;