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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tim Sandul: The Port Coworking Space

Speaker: Tim Sandul

Topic: The Port Coworking Space

Today's economic landscape is ripe for the budding entrepreneur or freelance professional to finally decide to make their true passion their work.  The problem starts when the home office no longer does the job, and the local coffee shop just isn't the right place to meet clients.  

So what's the solution?

Welcome to The Port Coworking Space - an environment that truly nurtures growth, collaboration, and success.  Our bright, open, and uniquely furnished Coworking community is the perfect place to come, connect with, and work alongside other creative and like-minded individuals. 

With access to all the important amenities - printer/copier station, basic office supplies, mini-kitchen, coffee, meeting room, available storage - you only need to bring yourself and your laptop.