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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Carol Ross; Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships

Topic: Health and Safety Programs and OHS Compliance

Speaker: Carol Ross, CHSC (R)

Speaker Biography:

Carol has always been an advocate of safe work environments. Her belief centers around “do things right because it is the right thing to do” not only if the law says you must.  Carol believes safety affects everyone, not just at work - when we are at play, in our homes. 

Carol was the volunteer Project Manager for the Taber Chamber of Commerce community based Partnerships Initiative Program in 1995 under the guidance and cooperation of Alberta Labour, Occupational Health and Safety and the Workers’ Compensation Board. The first training of the program, January 1996, the group started with thirty two companies and has grew each year. In May of 1999 the community based group incorporated under the Society Act as an association, presented a Quality Assurance package to the Partnerships Team which resulted in acquiring the status of Certifying Partner with Alberta Employment and Immigration, Workplace Partnerships.  Carol was and remains the key person in the development and maintenance of the quality assurance system and continues to lead the Association as CEO/Founder.  The Association has grown to approx. 3000 members from various industry, throughout Alberta.   Carol continues to travel throughout the province providing support for the members, auditor updates and attends meetings for the Association.  Carol currently sits on numerous Partnerships Sub-Committees.

Carol achieved her Auditor Certification from SAIT in 1996, and her Certified Health and Safety Consultant designation in 1998. 

Carol assembled an auditor training certification course, based on Partnerships Standard that has been the foundation for teaching and certifying auditors, both internal and external.  In February 2011 Carol authored a book, Fundamentals of Health and Safety Auditing; An Auditor’s Handi-Guide.  As well, Carol was instrumental in the development and design of the electronic audit tool in partnership with eCompliance.  Auditing with honesty and integrity in mind, was a passion of Carol’s for many years and she expects nothing less from the auditors with AASP.

Carol was the recipient of the 2014 Work Safe Alberta Individual Achievement Award.  An indication that her safety leadership and commitment have been significant. 

Carol is known for her honesty, hard work and energy. Following are some of her attributes:

  • Ability to apply an objective approach to courses and services for the facilitation of health and safety program development and implementation.

  • A working knowledge of small business – awareness of limitations of finances and resources available.

  • Excellent communication skills – verbal and writing.

  • Experience in working with committees both as a leader and advisor.

  • Exceptional organizational and motivational skills.

  • An understanding of the standards and requirements for business to meet the regulatory and industry requirements.

  • Excellent promotional skills.

  • Able to make decisions and enforcement of those decisions.

  • Enjoys public speaking and presentations

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Ability to work productively in stressful circumstances

  • Demonstrate tact and diplomacy (most of the time)

  • Natural leadership abilities

  • Excellent sense of humor