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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Shari Remus; Alzheimer Society of Alberta and North West Territories

Topic: Alzheimer Awareness

Speaker: Shari Remus, Regional Lead of Community Relations

Speaker Bio:
In March of 2017, Shari joined the Alzheimer Society from Calgary’s fast paced corporate world where she wore many hats including corporate fundraising, communications and graphic design. Keeping busy is what Shari likes to do best, and with the Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer’s fundraising event in June, the annual Fall Coffee Break promotions, and January’s Alzheimer Awareness Month, she certainly does just that.  She already appreciates the slower pace of a smaller city yet enjoys having access to all the amenities you might find in larger centers.  In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the many parks with her mountain bike or on foot on one of the many trails. An avid Blue Jays baseball fan, Shari never tires of talking baseball and tries to catch a few Lethbridge Bulls games in the summer.

Twitter:    @DementiaAB_NT