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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Peter Imhof, Executive Director, Family Centre


Family Centre’s mission is to empower children and families through programs, resources, and connections. We work with families today to make a stronger community tomorrow. Family Centre supports caretakers in helping children develop in healthy ways, building strength and resiliency for their future. Our services include information and referral, parent/child playgroups, parenting classes, family support, and counselling. Our vision is: Healthy Children! Healthy Families! Healthy Communities!

Speaker Bio:

In 2001, I moved to Lethbridge from Germany. After close to 10 years working in research and development, I joined Family Centre, a great community organization. I have come to love the tree-less life on the prairie grasslands and have the privilege of enjoying life in Lethbridge with my partner and two teenage children. If you have tips and tricks on baking sourdough bread to share, make sure to talk to me!