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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Renae Peterson; Beautiful Inside

Topic: Empowering young women to master themselves internally

Speaker:  Renae Peterson, founder of the Beautiful Inside program & Beautiful Inside Academy

Speaker Bio:
Renae Peterson founded the Beautiful Inside program in 2007.  Now entering its 12th year her program has grown and evolved into the Renae Peterson Beautiful Inside Academy.  
In that time Renae has had several hundreds of young women guided to understand the true meaning of beauty, learn to master themselves internally and learn to be the queen of their hearts.  The knowledge that these young women have gained has changed the trajectory of their life in the most positive way. 
Her own experiences as a young woman, a single parent raising her own daughters, now in their 20s, and her full-time vocational work as an RN in the health care profession led her to conceptualize and bring to fruition this distinct course. Her life experience in these areas touched her heart in the most profound way on each a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Creating a passion to reach the hearts of young. Leading them to the truth that the ‘heart work’ is the ‘hard work’ and absolutely necessary to reach all they can in life.  
Renae has been recognized academically for her research work and has had international published articles. In 2009 she was named as a ‘Woman of Distinction” through the YWCA.