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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Ryan Abernathy, Brandon Boorsma & Matt Leitch; Drop Structures


DROP Structures will be talking about the trend towards smaller living, how the DROP relates to this developing market and where they see carving out a piece of the pie for their company.


Ryan Abernathy is one of three owners at DROP Structures, the others being Matt Leitch and Brandon Boorsma. Between the three of them, a large portion of skills required to operate a business are covered within the trio. Ryan comes from a background of many different occupations, having developed himself through; schooling to become a nurse, construction-residential and commercial and making his mark as photographer. He is very multifaceted which is a good thing in any business start up, when it’s all on you as owners to get things done. This company would not be possible without the collection of Ryan, Matt and Brandon, as they balance out one another in ways that help cover each others blind spots.